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We work with the award winning I Am Sold to provide a comprehensive and flexible range of auction services.  Online auctions mean that properties can be sold 24 hours a day with no extra cost to you and we also perform traditional live auctions too.


Our auction professionals take pride in being friendly, professional and approachable and we believe this has been the backbone in enabling us to create and maintain long term, mutually profitable relationships with our clients.


It also means that individuals who want to buy or sell property can be confident in receiving a first class customer experience from our passionate and dedicated team.

We provide the complete auction solution to estate agents and offer a full scope of auction services ranging from Traditional to the Modern Method of Auction, helping agents to expand their services and drive extra revenue. 


Auction provides a variety of solutions for vendors and buyers who's needs and circumstances are driven by speed, security and cost.


What Kind of Auctions do you Perform?

We perform Traditional Auctions. These usually take place at a live auction event.  It offers both the buyer and seller complete security and swiftness as the buyer makes payment of a 10% deposit and exchange of contracts takes place straight away. Completion takes place 28 days later.


These more restrictive timeframes can limit interest to cash buyers and investors so its usually best suited to those that need a quick sale, are not in a chain, or have a property that wouldn’t be considered as suitable for mortgage lending.


We also take pride in performing the modern method of auction. This combines elements of private treaty and traditional auction, making it a more accessible auction method. These auctions usually take place online, which creates a larger marketplace and, in turn, helps gather more interest and activity.


This method offers the security of traditional auction. The buyer pays a non-refundable reservation fee and signs a reservation form, committing them to the purchase. Similar to the traditional auction this method has fixed timescales. However, these are 56 days to complete making this auction method accessible to mortgage and residential buyers as well as investors and cash buyers.


This method is often best suited to sellers that are looking for the speed and security of an auction with a larger buyer market.

No matter the type of auction you’re looking to either buy or sell a property with, Highcastle Estates has the knowledge and expertise to offer you the right guidance throughout the process. 


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