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What Does an Estate Agent Actually Do? Are you looking for a new property or selling one? This is an exciting time for you! For first time home sellers, there’s always a lot to process and it can be quite daunting but don’t worry your ... read more »
Landlords – Energy Efficiency Matters   Landlords have a lot to consider in managing their rental property, and ensuring tenants are well looked after. Aspects such as complying with regulations feel like a full-time task for many land... read more »
Stamp Duty Holiday Impact On Stratford Housing Market If you are keen to know what impact the stamp duty holiday is likely to have on the Stratford housing market, Highcastle Estates is here to assist you. We are pleased to say we stay in touch wi... read more »
Stratford Transport and Local Housing Market While many factors influence the demand for homes in a specific area, and what price buyers are willing to pay for homes, transport is crucial. Even in spring of 2021 when remote working is commonplace, b... read more »
Holiday Shopping in 2020  The holidays are just around the corner and though there’s a pandemic we must not lose the holiday cheer. Shopping for presents will be a game-changer for the economy aside for your young nieces and nephews. ... read more »
Year 2020 has been full of surprises. A lot has changed with pretty much everything because of Covid-19 including getting a cup of coffee from your favorite place, hanging out with friends, going to work, and many more. Companies have struggled to st... read more »
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