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Property Investment


Property Investment, Stratford, East Ham, Forest Gate

Thanks to our local expertise and years of experience, Highcastle Estates can help you every step of the way if you’re looking to invest in property. This guide aims to answer some of your questions about property investments in Stratford but please don’t hesitate to contact us about any queries you may have. Our professionals are always friendly and we believe in going above and beyond for our clients.


Our local expertise means we can source a range of investment opportunities for our clients and take them through every step of the process.


From working with architects and contractors to finding the right property for sale in Stratford, our investment advice can ensure you meet your goals. The experts at Highcastle Estates can help you decide whether buying to let or buying to sell is more suitable for you and your needs.


Highcastle Estates will support you through the mortgage and financing stage, offering you sage advice and allowing you to benefit from our extensive experience. We’ll pair you with surveyors and solicitors that can get your investment moving quickly while ensuring you meet your statutory requirements and that the property is in the right condition for your needs.


We can even put you in contact with experts that can structure your investment to optimise your post tax situation.


We’ll be able to offer you guidance in terms of costing so that you can achieve your financial and investment goals in the time frame you’re looking for.


What Should You Look for in an Investment Property in Stratford?

By engaging the services of Highcastle Estates, you’ll have expert advice that takes the stress out of property finding for you. However, as a quick guide, we recommend you consider the strength of the location, the type of rental yields available, the level of demand and the potential for capital gains.


Is Property a Safe Investment?

No investment is 100% failsafe. However, this is often less risky than other asset classes. By working with us to properly identify risks and mitigate them, you can be set up for a strong venture that generates some fantastic passive income.

One major risk of property investment is bad tenants, which is why we work so hard to perform the thorough background checks necessary to protect your investment.


What does it mean to do due diligence? 


Due diligence is an extensive process and investigation that should be undertaken before buying an asset. Before making a business decision, making an investment, or negotiating an agreement, you should do your research and take a responsible approach to ensure everything runs smoothly. Working with Highcastle Estates mean we can take on this responsibility on your behalf and ensure you’re meeting the statutory requirements and your investment makes sense for you and your goals. 


We can source a number of different property investments. Should you require further information, get in touch with us and we can discuss your investment goals!


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